Will there be a panic about bank failures?

August 30, 2008

Although this website is only six days old and hardly well-known, it has received 118 searches about bank failures/ Here’s a list:


Search Views
banks at risk of failure 15
fdic banks at risk of failure 13
fdic problem list, vineyard bank 4
list of banks at risk of failure 4
list 117 banks with default policies 3
“liberty bank” florida trouble 3
bankrate 117 banks risk 3
“haven trust bank” negative 3
integrity bank of florida 3
is alpha bank,atalanta,ga in trouble 3
117 banks at risk 3
how many banks are at risk of failure? 2
“silver state bank” 2
banks as possible failures 2
list of “problem” banks at risk of failu 2
fdic problem bank list pff bank 2
united states banks at risk of failure 2
which banks are in financial trouble 2
banks at risk for failure 2
117 banks at the risk of failing 2
alpha bank & trust 2
a list of banks at risk of failure 2
integrity bank georgia 2
bank in financial trouble 1
rank banks for risk 1
integrity bank, georgia, failure 1
haven trust bank ga 1
list of banks risk failure 1
risk of failure of vanguard 1
integrity bank default 1
california bank and trust real estate ex 1
mcintosh commercial bank 1
unlimited support to indymac bank 1
vineyard bank “vineyard bank” 1
at risk banks commerce bank ? 1
vineyard bank loan default 1
first guarantee bank and trust jacksonvi 1
paramount bank mi risk 1
“first heritage bank” reason failure 1
bank of america failure risk 1
fdic watchlist m&i 1
american national bank failure 1
at risk bank list california 1
bankunited fsb troubles 1
banks at risk august 2008 1
integrity bank georgia wall street journ 1
century bank fsb 1
haven trust bank fdic list 1
which 117 banks will possibly fail 1
failure of bank in denmark 1






The greatest number of searches is on Integrity Bank of Georgia, followed by Alpha Bank,  Vineyard Bank, Vanguard Bank and Haven Trust.




And these are the recent spike in searches for bank failure, according to GoogleTrends. The massive spike corresponds to the failure of Indymac. If this data is any guide, that failure has been a wake up call for the public.


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